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Lake Sawyer Park Trail Map

The trailhead to Lake Sawyer Park is located at 31500 Lake Sawyer Rd.

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About the Park: Welcome

Things to Do

There are a lot of activities people enjoy at the park.

Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog

Image by Jason Mowry

Bird Watching

Image by Chris Henry

Hiking & Mountain Biking

About the Park: What We Do

Park Improvements

Through donations and grants LSPF and the City of Black Diamond have made small improvements to make Lake Sawyer Park family friendly, educational, and a cleaner place to enjoy.


Kiosk at trail head for announcements and a trail map.



Two park benches on waterfront.

2008 & 2019


Picnic table and garbage can at end of park



Water Works signs


About the Park: News

Park History

Lake Sawyer Park Foundation (LSPF) is a grassroots, all-volunteer organization established to support the development of Lake Sawyer Regional Park through public awareness, fundraising, advocacy and special projects. LSPF was incorporated as a non-profit and got tax-exempt status (501(c)(3)) status in 2009.

We envision the Park to be utilized for habitat restoration, as well as for both active and passive recreation. LSPF works in collaboration with the City of Black Diamond in providing a resource for funding as well as collaboration and stewardship on issues pertaining to activities and the future development of the park. Our organization has been actively involved with restoration activities on the property including habitat re-establishment, noxious weed removal, planting native trees and plants, and trail maintenance. In addition, we have contributed funding for benches and trash cans in the Park and a portable toilet facility at the trailhead. Some of our volunteers have been involved with this site since it was transferred from King County in 2006.

Articles from

      - The man who sculpted Lake Sawyer

About the Park: Who We Are
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